Architects & Engineers

Eco ICF Building system offers designers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to design a residential or commercial building.  The advantages to designers when designing using ICF's include:

Design Flexibility

ICF's are extremely flexible in design.  Curved, square, plumb and straight walls are all easily obtainable.

Exterior and interior coverings are easily attached to the ICF wall system, dramatically improving a structures appearance.

ICF's have superior engineered spanning capabilities making them ideal for long insulated window and door lintels as well as for poor grade beam applications.

High Performance

Sustainable development has become a current architectural responsibility.  ICF structures have excellent energy performance and consequent emission reductions.

Engineers have professional obligations to approve engineered systems that protect human life.  International building codes have been ramped up due to severe weather loadings and now we know that ICF is the responsible response to this.

With R3.5 plus, 3 hour plus fire and 50 plus STC ratings, it's no wonder professionals are choosing high performing ICF wall systems.

Construction Versatility

ICF polypropylene webs allow for accurate placement for reinforcing bars so that steel stays properly locate4d before and after concrete pours.

ICF's have the highest form capacity strength in the inhdustry.  Pours go smoothly without undue risk of wall failure and possible worker injury.

ICF's are simple to cut for a variety of different openings from simple to intricate architectural building designs including tall gable ends.

Green Building

Our world's number one environmental challenge is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) we are releasing into our atmosphere.  The earths relatively sudden warming and consequently grave effects on our weather are related to these carbon dioxide emissions.

One ICF home saves at least 10 plus trees.  Trees absorb CO2 and give us oxygen.  Deforestation worldwide adds 1 to 2 billion metric tons of carbon to the atmosphere each year!

40% reduction in energy consumption = 40% reduction in emissions.

ICF's generate less than 1% construction waste which generates methane.  One ton of methane generates 20 tonnes of carbon.  ICFs generate over 50% less construction waste than other competing ICFs.  Small 2 inch form segments can be reused elsewhere in the wall system.

Sustainable Homes

Eco ICF building system is fast becoming known for its quality and longer lasting homes.  The quality of concrete homes has been around for many generations and will be here for many more.


These documents contain basic information to familiarise Architects & Engineers with the various product components and their use.  We recommend reading all the documentation before a project is started to better understand the connection details to other building systems as well as the procedures for the Eskydeck formwork installation.  These guides are not intended to be a complete technical manual.  They have been designed to aid architects & engineers in understanding how to use the Eco ICF Building system safely and efficiently.

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