Home Owner Advantages of ICF

An Eco ICF home can pay you back month after month with lower cooling/heating bills than a regular home.  In fact you could save in excess of $150-$200 each month.  From the minute you move into your ICF home you begin saving money.  This is because Eco ICF block walls and Eskydeck floors/ceilings & roofs are airtight and have an R-3.5 value.  A house using conventional construction materials would have to be insulated to a value of R-8.5 to achieve similar benefits and savings.  Savings of 50% or more, on heating and cooling costs are possible.

Eco ICF homes are resistant to bugs.  There is no food value for termites in these products.  For every one degree we raise the earth's temperature, we double the insect population.  It is time to be concerned about keeping the bugs outside if global warming is upon us and consequently protecting your investment and peace of mind.

An Eco ICF home is solid concrete, which includes walls, floors and ceilings.  Nothing blows through concrete so outside weather does not affect your inside comfort.  Uncomfortable winter drafts are gone as well as huge areas of heat loss or gain from electrical boxes.  ICF structures are a complete monolithic poured structure and engineered system giving you full height reinforced insulated concrete walls with the Eskydeck floor system poured at the same time.  Huge savingsx in energy loss are now possible by eliminating drafts that are typically found with conventional floor systems.

An Eco ICF home is an allergy sufferers best friend.  They keep the outside air out better than a conventional home.  You will definitely breathe easier in your Eco ICF home for many years to come.

Eco ICF homes cool down FAST and humidity stays outside where it belongs adding to your comfort.