Architects & Engineers

Architects and designers soon discover that Eco ICF construction with Eskydeck is a simple and elegant way to meet new and increasing insulation requirements witbhout adding labour and material costs.  They also find Eco ICF a simple solution to achieve the desired STC and fire ratings for exterior and interior walls.

Almost any building design can be built with Eco ICF howe4ver the most cost efficient and quickest builds are achieved with a building design is "optimized" for Eco ICF construction.  Optimized design involves using wall and floor system ((Eskydeck) together to get a monolithic poured concrete structure.  We can pour the walls and floor beams at the same time which is cost effective and we can put the infloor heating and cooling in before we pour the actual inside floor.  This allows the floor to be poured after the roof is on when a polished concrete floor is required.

We have designated accessories for making our method fast.  One is the double lintel ligatures for the lintels above the windows and doors.  Two is the truss forms that holds the walls in place.  It goes inside the block and keeps the walls perfectly straight.  Generally one row below the window sill and one row abovfe the window head.  The wall brackets for where partition walls butt onto ICF walls which fixes the partition walls in place with roofing screws.  We also have a special corner bracket that allows you to continue a wall off the corner of an ICF wall wither way or in both directions.  The triple chairsd in the Eskydeck system holds the reo in perfect position so that it never moves during the pour and acts as shear ligatures.  We can form concrete edge beams that will hang down so we can create a drip groove.  This way the water doesn't run back in on the ceiling.  We can also form mid flush beams that stay flush with the underneath of the floor system.  We don''t need to use steel beams to support the floor system,. so no expensive crane hire.