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Eco ICF Builders system has the leading ICF technology as the result of the company's research and development.

The Eco ICF Builders system is modular with one standard size EPS size panel being used for concrete wall thicknesses of 4, 6, or 8" (102mm, 152mm, or 203mm).  This saves in manufacturing costs, both in cost of the EPS mould and also in the manufacturing cycle time (fifty percent improvement in efficiency).  It also saves in transportation costs, as the EPS side panels are shipped stacked on top of each other with almost no dead air space during transportation.

The fact that the Eco ICF Builders system has sidewalls made of expanded polystyrene, allows builders to pour concrete in extreme weather conditions of heat or cold, dry arid climates or wet rainy climates.  The EPS provides an insulated environment in which the concrete wet cures allowing the concrete to reach maximum strength.  Once the concrete sets the EPS insulation is easily cut to allow concealed placement of plumbing and electrical lines.  Any standard exterior or interior finish can be applied to the EPS from panel and lap siding to brick, stone or render.

The special alignment features of the associated bracing system ensure a true and smooth wall finish.  Only basic hand tools are needed to position and secure the lightweight blocks.  The high density webs integral to the Eco ICF Building system block forms provide furring strips for any standard wall finishing product.

The high density plastic webs are also recessed 1/4 inch providing a uniform exterior surface of EPS on which cement based render can be applied.  Such a uniform surface gives the render superior adhesion and crack resistance.

Radius walls and angled walls (other than 90 degrees) can also be constructed with ease using simple mitering techniques.

Advantages of building with the Eco ICF Building system include:

  • Versatility of the Eco ICF Building System

  • Using a combination of the various size Eco ICF Block dimensions,   Multi-storey buildings can be completed with ease by using one side panel, and tilt up walls can be constructed that have insulation and furring on one  side with no additional work.  Footings up to 600mm can easily be constructed on site.

  • ICF's are light requiring less effort to lift and carry.  Crews maintain their strength throughout the day and go home less tired.  ICFs are easy to cut, shape and make unconventional wall shapes manageable.

  • Labour savings  An experienced ICF crew can often complete the foundation and/or walls of a typical home in a matter of days, rather than the weeks it might take conventional framers.  In addition, it only takes one crew to do the foundation, above-grade exterior walls and framing of interior walls and roof.  This reduces the coordination involved and miscues between crews and also ramps up the structures quality.

  • Satisfaction of building better    Many builders that realise the value of ICFs refuse to build with any other material.  They want the satisfaction of kn ow that they are doing their part in building the absolute best structure for their customers.

Further advantages include:

  • Professional installers of Eco ICF Builders are available in many areas across the country.

  • No surface prep needed to apply interior or exterior finishes

  • Easy installation of utilities

  • Prefab corners that cut construction time

  • Easily maintained, clean and quiet job sites

  • Lightweight forms reduce risk of worker injuries

  • Wall thicknesses from 100mm to 600mm


These documents contain basic information to familiarise builders & installers with the various product components and their use.  We recommend reading all the documentation before a project is started to better understand the connection details to other building systems as well as the procedures for the Eskydeck formwork installation.  These guides are not intended to be a complete technical manual.  They have been designed to aid builders and installers in understanding how to use the Eco ICF Building system including Eskydeck safely and efficiently.


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