Codes & Standards

Eco ICF Builders & Supplies wants you to be certain that your project has met all the required building codes.  Learn more about Eco ICF building standards and code requirements below.

Building Code of Australia


Thermal Performance

R-Value of 3.78

U-Value of 0.26

The total R-Value achieved with Eco ICF walls exceed that required in all climate zones under the QBCC.

Acoustic Performance

The 152mm Eco ICF concrete wall meets the deemed to satisfy provision of the QBCC.

Fire Performance

BRANZ certificate FAR 2251 confirms the Eco ICF wall complies with the BCA and AS.3600

Termite Treatments

We recommend that you refer to the Building Code of Australia for applicable guidelines for your location.

There are many termite barriers that compliment the Eco ICF system so we recommend that you discuss this with your Eco ICF Distributor.

Remember in a solid concrete home there is little to eat.

Eco ICF Walls - Dimensions & Characteristics

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